Solve chip problems with

Nakamura-Tome’s oscillation cutting

What is Oscillation cutting?

Oscillation cutting is a new machining method to cut chips into small pieces.

Do you have any problem as described below?

Because of chips around the tool
you are forced to stop the machining process.

Workpiece damage
caused by chips around the part.

Equipments for solve chip problems
increase the use of floor space (such as special high pressure pumps, special chip conveyor for long chips, etc).

Oscillation cutting can solve chip problems

Oscillation cutting can solve chip problems
by cutting chips into small pieces.

Why is it possible to cut chips into small pieces?

“Air-cut” area is created by oscillating a tool for a certain period. The chips are cut into small pieces by “air-cut”.

14 Nakamura-Tome models
are equipped with oscillation cutting

Oscillation cutting function is available for installed machines

as well as newly purchased machines.

*Please inform us of the serial number of your machine, then we will confirm whether oscillation function is available or not.

It’s available on youtube.