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Equipped with The Best Options for Long Parts Machining. High Rigidity Multitasking Machine with ATC
  • Available with either right hand side spindle or tailstock.
  • Distance between spindles 1,850mm.
  • 250 mm square stroke in the X-Y plane.
  • B-axis swiveling range 240° (±120°).
  • Number of tools for ATC magazine 40pcs (op. 60, 80, 120).
  • The slides, having a vertical column structure, are mounted on a high rigidity horizontal machine bed with low gravity design.
  • Image shown here is of a R-Spindle + Steady Rest Specifications.(op.)
Long Tool ATC is optionally available.
  • Available for up to three long tools. (Max. Dia. X length = Φ65mm x 450mm)
  • NC Steady rest is optionally available.
User friendly
  • Large window to better see the machining area
  • Shorter distance from the machine front side to the spindle center, for easy set up.



φ65 φ71(op.) φ80A*1(op.) φ80A*2(op.) φ90A(op.)
Max. turning diameter 640mm
Max. turning length 1,600mm
Distance between spindles max.1,850mm/min.300mm(*3)
Distance between centers(op/) max.1,725mm/min.175mm(*4)
Bar capacity(φ) 65mm 71mm 80mm 90mm(Only L)
Chuck size 8″10″
Left Spindle speed 4,500min-1 3,500min-1 2,500min-1
Right Spindle speed 2,500min-1
Left Spindle motor 15/11kW, 22/18.5kW (op.) 22/18.5kW(op.)
Right Spindle motor

※1.Direct connecting pipe
※2.Joint connection

This NTRX-300L are compatible with Oscillation Cutting.