Multi-Layer Work Stocker “Hako-Bei”


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Full automation using “Hako-Bei”
  • Multi-tray palletizing stocker “Hako-Bei”
  • When used with a gantry loader or compact loader, the raw parts are fed into Hako-bei in palletized trays, and the finished parts come out in the same palletized trays.
  • By adding automatic tray-feeding conveyors, long-time unmanned automatic operation is possible.
  • “Hako-Bei D type is shown on the photo



B2 type C2 type For Compact Roader D type
Drive Axis 1 axis 2 axis 3 axis
Machine Weight 200kg 215kg 300kg 220kg
Max. Weight 150kg
Max. Weight per Tray 15kg 20kg 15kg
Weight Capacity 0.3kg / 1.0kg (AC servo motor) 1.0kg 0.3kg / 1.0kg (AC servo motor)
Transfer Cycle Time 8~30s 22s 8~30s