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General Cargo

Bruhat Logistics is a global provider of all logistics services in modern supply chain management. We provide complete freight solutions in Singapore and excellent service within international transport.

We offer regular services to and from all worldwide hubs in close cooperation between the Bruhat offices or through our global network of experienced partners and agents.

Our General Cargo services cover all industries including niches such as aid & relief organisations, pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as the clothing industry. Transport, storage and handling are taken care of in integrated Bruhat or through individual tailor-made solutions.

We have a team of specialists dealing with sea freight, air freight, road transport, rail transport or often a combination of various modes of transportation.

Our specialist forwarders are capable of handling any challenge through innovative supply chain management offering services such as pick & pack, cargo on hold, return logistics, shop-to-shop and warehousing.

Port Services & Agency

Operating Scope

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  • Receiving the cargo in wharf, private jetty from carriers
  • Hooking on & off – Conventional
  • Transloading in FTZ Warehouse
  • Connecting to 2nd leg Vessels, Mafi, LCT, Air Cargo Charter, Barge
  • Provisions of Cranes for loading, Lashing Arrangements
  • Stevedoring, Safety boats, Divers, Spreaders
  • Containerized breakbulk loading, Floating Crane
  • Heavy Haulage & Pilot Cars
  • Packing – Shrink Wrap, Heavy Duty, Corrosion Protection
  • Voyage Chartering (Spot, Time and COA)
  • Contract Management

Value Added Services

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  • Export & Import Permit
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Trade Compliance and Consultancy
  • IT Solutions
  • Port services and Agency
  • Full Liability coverage and Cargo Insurance Services
  • Vessel Agencies

Oil & Gas

Bruhat’s Oil and Gas potentials help energy sector to manage logistics strategy and operations across practical areas, including order management, transportation, distribution and supply chain security.


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Industrial Projects

We provide inclusive logistics service to industrial companies of all types and sizes, from small businesses to major household names operating in the global arena in the following subsectors:

  • Energy and power
  • Mining and construction
  • Automation
  • General industrial goods
  • Rail vehicles and Transportation
  • Medical Equipment’s
  • Paper and fibre
  • Fire and Building Security

Infrastructure & Construction

Bruhat is delivering world class services in Infrastructure transportation across the world. Against the backdrop of the iconic skyline, the experienced project team had to overcome various challenges, like the busy ferry traffic on the last mile transportation.


Bruhat has featured services division dealing with marine logistics, and is regarded as a global specialist in the field of ship spares provision.


We understand your ultimatum that you face in the mining industry, such as extremely remote job sites and tight packed schedules, or the complexity involved in finding a reliable and instant solution logistics partner. Which is why we provide equipment and materials for all types of mines, steel mills and aluminium smelters, shipped to any part of the world in no time.

Paper & Pulp

Bruhat is one of the leading paper and pulp products logistics specialists. We employ global teams of experts to provide you with very best integrated shipping solutions.


Bruhat develops and delivers personalized aerospace solutions for manufacturers, leasing companies, airlines, and service companies. These companies are specialised in maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO), ground handling and in-flight services.

Fashion and Textile

To survive in fashion and retail, you must adapt to an ever-changing landscape. We’ve got that covered. We make sure your supply chain is supported with quality checks and equipped with the latest e-commerce solutions for order fulfilment and distribution.

Consumer and Retail

The retail market has never been so competitive. Consumers demand products that not only meet their cost and quality expectations, but that will also be available when and where they need them.