Welcome To Aranda Tooling Venture Precision Components Pvt Ltd

An Indo – US Joint venture organization established in 2007 to produce High Precision
Specialty products by using Alloy sheet Metals.

Precision Stamped Parts

In Sheet metal Stamping (also known as pressing) placing flat cold sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the flat metal into a specific shape.

Fine Blanked Parts

In this process, a sheet of metal is pressed from the top and bottom at the same time, forming into the desired shape of the die.

Sub Assembly Parts

Welding – TIG, MIG, E-Welding, Spot Welding and Riveting Assy, Laserwelding Assy, Rotary – MIG, Robowelding Assy

Precision Machined Parts

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ATV Precision Components Pvt Ltd

Our Vision

To become the leader in Fine blanking and Precision stamping field by committing our self to customer confidence and satisfaction through continual improvement.

ATV Precision Components Pvt Ltd

Our Product Categories

Turbocharger Parts

Transmission System Parts

Brake System Parts

Seating System Parts

Achieve Results With Modern Ideas and Strategies

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  • Sales and Marketing 95% 95%
  • Customer Experience 85% 85%
  • Cost Transformation 78% 78%
  • Design Solutions 98% 98%

Leadership Team

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K Raghavendran

Managing Director

D Jayakumar


K Palanichamy

Manager Quality Assurance

M Saravanan

Sr. Engineer Production Planning Control ( PPC )

S Rajesh

Manager, HR

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