The two companies are thus bringing focus on making freight transportation greener. Blue Water’s ‘Go Blue’ initiatives will not only improve our own environmental and climate footprints and economic bottom line – but also our customers’.

Although both the logo and the strategy colour are blue – the goal is to become greener and at the same time improve the bottom line. Consequently, Blue Water is working intensively to find new sustainable initiatives, both internally and for our customers. One of the initiatives is the climate partnership with SpaceInvader, who has developed a transport system that allows more pallet goods to be transported per truck by double-stacking. That is about packing and stacking of pallet goods higher and more optimally, and thus stamping out empty spaces that many trucks have when transporting goods because it is challenging to stack high and in a stable manner.

“When we combine SpaceInvader’s transport solution with our services, we create concrete benefits for the environment, the climate and the transport economy. All bottom lines win. That is the marvellous gain of the partnership. Each extra pallet, we make room for in relation to the status quo, is a win. We consider optimisation of hub-to-hub transport and direct customer deliveries. And we have high expectations for the promising perspectives that are beginning to show already at this early stage of the collaboration,” says Mikkel Østergaard Kruse, Director Road Operations and Partnership Manager at Blue Water.

Adapting to increased sustainability puts demands on changed behaviour and adaption – not only in Blue Water internally, but also at our customers, who must have the desire and courage to contribute and develop new methods and processes. It may be demanding to initiate new initiatives in daily routines, but the rewards come in the form of reduced climate impact and increased efficiency.

Important breakthrough
At our climate partner Spacelnvader, they are looking forward to having new initiatives implemented.

“To us, it is a huge acknowledgment and an important breakthrough that a major global player such as Blue Water sees the opportunities and benefits that capacity optimisation of goods handling generate. For several years, we have worked hard to make the industry think more innovatively and to have the courage to try new solutions. Blue Water has now succeeded, because they are enterprising, dare to innovate and are ready to adapt their operations,” says Steen Frederiksen, CEO of SpaceInvader.

The new climate partnership was officially jump-started when the Minister of Transport, Benny Engelbrecht, recently called at Blue Water’s freight terminal in Taulov. Here, the Minister was given the opportunity to learn more about the partnership’s visions and goals and at the same time gain a concrete insight into the performance of capacity optimisation with a large climate effect. Along with representatives from the Transport Industry, Flemming Busch, Group CFO of Blue Water Shipping also attended the Minister’s visit, and he also sees exciting prospects – not least the opportunity to offer green solutions to our customers.

“The collaboration we have presented is both exciting and necessary to propel innovation and changes. As an industry, we must have unorthodox methods, display courage and change behaviour so that we can jointly reduce the climate footprint without distortion of competition. Capacity optimisation is one of several focus areas for us, which is why it was important to show the Minister of Transport how we will advocate and put a greener behaviour into practice. Furthermore, we wanted to demonstrate the potential of the industry – because capacity optimisation should be a political focus area in Denmark’s climate efforts,” says Flemming Busch.