Compact Loader


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Space-saving multifunctional automation system
  • The Compact Loader, which was developed with space saving in mind, is a loading / unloading device that is built-into the machine.
  • Even with the compact loader, the machine height remains the same, preventing factory ceiling height limitations.
  • Compact Loader is available for the WY-100II, WY-150, NTY3-100 and MX-100.


Work Stocker Cross-reference Guide

MX-100 WY-100II / NTY3-100 WY-150
Standard Axis Extension(op.) Standard Axis Extension(op.)
Z-axis Traverse 2,600mm 1,955mm 2,105mm 2,105mm 2,255mm
Work Size
Diameter Φ20~130mm Φ32~100mm Φ32~100mm
Length 20~110mm 20~100mm 20~100mm
Weight 3.0kg×2 3.0kg×2 3.0kg×2