In Blue Water we have strong focus on delivering high quality to our clients.  To do so, a close cooperation between Blue Water’s different offices and departments is necessary. And in order to maintain – and strengthen – the internal cooperation, Blue Water has during the autumn arranged sessions on knowledge sharing and teamwork for colleagues involved in road transport. 

”The client shall always be in focus and he/she shall always have a good experience when using Blue Water. The closer we work together the better we will be at handling the clients’ transport and logistics needs. By teaming up colleagues from different departments, we have strengthened the interaction and understanding”, says Steffan Ploog, Manager for Road Continent at Blue Water Taulov.

In addition to professional sparring, the programme included informal gathering and socialising. The intention was to improve the relations – and hence the team spirit. 

”When pulling together, a lot of things become easier,  and pulling together gets easier when a close relation has been established, fulfilling the function of a strong foundation in the daily work. Working together as a team to handle the assignments, despite the fact that we are not physically placed together in one department, becomes even more natural – and the closer cooperation will for sure benefit the clients, as we will be better at thinking out of the box”, says Steffan Ploog.