Chennai Traders Club

A Vibrant Community of Chennai Traders Club and Participants


Acquire Skills and Trade/Invests in more Assets


Acquire new skills by attending the courses, webinars and workshop conducted by Mr. Vishnu.


From Customized Officers and Meeting rooms to workstations and high speed internet, get everything that you need to trade comfortable.


Feeling alone while trading from your phone? Now trade at Stockden with 150+ seasoned traders and stay motivated always.

About Us

Chennai Traders Club strives to improve the trading and investment skills of market participants by providing them with incredible Knowledge, Infrastructure and Networking

Chennai Traders Club has been conceptualized by the TTX groups, which has a rich experience of managing trading desk in Indian stock markets for nearly 20 years. We believe that every trader across India deserves the best facilities, access to the latest technologies and the right ecosystem through which they can significantly improve their trading results.

Our first office is located conveniently at Annanagar, Chennai, which is very easy to reach from all around Chennai. We are also coming up with infrastructure in various other cities in India that are easily scalable on demand as per the requirement of the traders.

Trading at Chennai Traders Club will be much better than trading from your home, and an experience that you will love. You can just rent one workstation, an entire bay or meeting room at Chennai Traders Club. Just tell us your requirement and we will provide the right space for you!

Facilities Available

At Chennai Traders Club you will get access to great infrastructure, environment and the latest technology which will let you trade without any worries.