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Sea – Cooling Water Pipelines / Hydro Penstock Lines

Salt and brackish water pumped at high pressure levels across carbon steel pipelines, cause excessive abrasion and/or corrosion and as a result severely impact operational efficiency of the overall circulating water cycle.

Duromar epoxy lining systems have been used to protect several sea/ circulating water pipelines, that have showcased excellent performance for over 20 years under continuous operation.


Repair & Rebuild of Acid Neutralization Trench:

Secondary containment areas and Neutralization pits/trench lines across industrial units are often exposed to the threat of severe corrosion & erosion due to the aggressive operating environments.

Duromar epoxies are uniquely designed to rebuild the damaged civil areas and re-line the surfaces with outstanding chemical resistance epoxy linings.

Installation of Duromar epoxy coatings helps protect such containment areas from any further damages for years to come

Tank Linning:

Acid Storage Tank Coated with Duromar HPL – 2131 using plural spray system

Widely used in areas requiring outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance like Absorbers, Slurry Vessels / Lines, Storage Silos, etc

Acid Storage Tank Coated with Duromar HPL – 4310 using a plural spray system

Widely used in areas requiring outstanding chemical and temperature resistance like Outlet Ducts, Utility Systems, Petrochemical & Acid Storage tanks

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, is part of the well-known Chennai based IGP Group. In addition to Material Handling and Chemical Cleaning services, Arudra Engineers offer a wide range of Coating Solutions for several industry verticals.


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