Acid Resistant 100% Solids (Zero VOC) Epoxy High Performance Novalac Lining

Duromar HPL – 4310

DUROMAR HPL-4310 is a high functionality, 100% solids novolac material, which can be applied by conventional airless spray equipment. It can be used in power plant outlet ducts, utility systems, petrochemical and acid storage tanks, or anywhere requiring outstanding chemical resistance in an easy-to-apply coating system.

Components 2
Visual Appearance High Gloss
Density 1.32
Solids by Weight 100%
pH Range 0.5-14
Inorganic Acids Excellent
Organic Acids Very Good
Alkalis Excellent
Solvents Very Good
Hydrocarbons Excellent
Max. Dry Operating Temp 177°C
Functional Cure 72 Hrs.
Full Cure 168 Hrs.
Repair System EXP
Surface Preparation SSPC-SP 5
Adhesion Excellent
Flexibility Good
Pot Life 45 min.
Equipment Airless, Brush, Roller
Number of Coats 2-3
Theoritical Coverage 3.72 m²/4.55 liters/1.016 mm
Film Thickness/ Coat 254 microns (min) 762 microns (max)
Max DFT 2.28 mm
Recoat Time @ 21°C 8 hr. min. 72 hr. max.
Min. Application Temp 18°C
Mixing Ratio By Weight 3.6:1 (B/A)
Mixing Ratio by Volume 2.6:1 (B/A)
Dry to Touch 8 hrs.

Key Features


Excellent Adhesion

Acid Resistant

Increased Asset Life

Acid Storage Tank & Acid Circulating pump protected with Duromar HPL-4310

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